Thursday, July 30, 2009

stuff from my journalllllll

two of my favorite quotes from One Tree Hill are:

"You were wrong yesterday when you said the kids in the clubs were just looking for decadence. I think it's more like romance and hope and inspiration and that feeling you get when other human beings pick up basic instruments and make sense of your world. And the day I think it's just about making money is gonna be the day that I betray everything that I believe in. About music and life and myself."

(somebody just told Peyton that Rock 'n' Roll cant save the world)

"See, I disagree. Walk into any club on the strip tonight and just look at the kids, look into their eyes. I mean, they're all looking for something to believe in and I think that music can be the thing that changes their world"

Those two quotes explain what I believe exactly.

and then this is a poem that I wrote like last month. I called it Word Vomit from Last Month :) and its horrible.

Sleepwalking in the night
Mumbling something about another fight
I cant take it anymore I say
Lord God please help me make it through the day

When constant ridicule comes around
Sister steel is to be found
She stays with me until the very end
Gives me relief and a temporary friend

People tell me I'm not alone
I cant believe all the love that is shone
They give me hope to survive everyday
Because I know there is no other way