Monday, August 24, 2009

"Some people have one of those days ... I have one of those lives."

Have you ever felt like everyone in the room hated you, or was thinking you were a freak? That's how i felt today at orientation. BLAH It. was just overall a bad morning. I hate having to go to a school with people I can't even stand. Plus, the first day of school I only have 4 open mods, and I barely have any classes with my friends. UGH, I just feel like screaming! i HATE this feeling! I just feel like I'm a burden, like I just tag along... I thought it was gonna be a good day because I was gonna see 3 people I haven't seen in awhile, and that part was fine, but the rest of it sucked ass. I'm sorry for everyone reading this because you should have to have all my problems on your mind too, I just needed to let all of it out.
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p.s. this isnt about C.C. or K.S. FYI. :)

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